By purchasing lessons with me, we enter into a verbal agreement in which I promise to deliver the lessons you have purchased (or their equivalent in hours) to you unless you in some way fail to comply with my terms. The terms used are my own conditions by which I teach and do not carry any legal weight.

Cancellation Policy

Confirmed bookings can be cancelled with at least 24 hours’ notice free of charge. Bookings cancelled at less than 24 hours’ notice will not be refunded or re-credited to your lesson pack.  Please refer to the Regular Lesson Bookings terms & conditions and Lesson Pack Expiry time limits below.

Changes to Lessons Schedules

From time to time I may need to amend my available teaching schedule. I will endeavour to give as much advance notice of this as I can.

Lesson Pack Rules

Purchasing a lesson pack commits you to attending lessons at the agreed day/time for the duration of the pack purchased.  I understand that sometimes there are exceptional reasons which may mean you cannot attend a regular fixed lesson, and allow cancellations in line with the Cancellation Policy above.  You can cancel up to 2 consecutive regular fixed lessons booked as part of a lesson pack, but any additional cancellations will not be refunded or re-credited to your lesson pack.

If at the end of your current lesson pack you want to continue lessons at that same timeslot it is the student’s responsibility to purchase another lesson pack to re-secure that lesson timeslot. If another student books that timeslot, you have no right to ask for them to be moved to accommodate you.

Lateness for Lessons

You must logged into Zoom and ready to commence your lesson at the booked start time. If you do not join the lesson within 15 minutes of the agreed start time, and have not contacted me to notify me of a technical issue, your lesson will be cancelled and will not be refunded or re-credited to you lesson pack.

Responsibility for Suitable Teaching Environment

I will always endeavour to provide a suitably quiet environment from which to teach you: in the unlikely event of an emergency where that is not possible I will contact you and offer you to either proceed with the lesson or to rearrange it.

Students must similarly endeavour to ensure they have a quiet environment in which to receive lessons. I reserve the right to cancel a lesson if at any point the environment in which you are is too noisy or has too many distractions.

Lesson Pack Expiry

Unless agreed with me personally, 5-lesson packs must be used within 7 weeks of purchase and 10-lesson packs must be used within 13 weeks of purchase.

If you do not use a purchased pack within the above time limits, and wish to continue lessons with me, you will need to purchase a new lesson or lesson pack.

Lesson Pack Assignation

When you purchase a lesson pack from me they are for you personally. Your lesson pack cannot be assigned to anyone else, eg. family or friends.

Price Changes

If lesson prices or structures change there is no guarantee that I will offer you the previous lesson or lesson-pack price when your current one expires or ends and you want to buy a new one.

Subject to Change

All terms and conditions are subject to change without any commitment to advance notice.